Reihe: Otto Spies Memorial Lecture

Reihe: Otto Spies Memorial Lecture

edd. Stephan Conermann & Gül Şen

The Otto Spies Memorial Lecture (OSML) series honors the memory of Professor Otto Spies (1901–1981), the director of the former Orientalisches Seminar at the University of Bonn. The series aims to provide a forum for shorter contributions by established scholars of Ottoman Studies. Its scope will allow all aspects of Ottoman history, literature, language, and art history. The contributions are supposed to discuss new findings in research and provide innovative interpretations of primary sources. To this end, the OSML was established by the editors in 2015. 

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Artikel-Nr.: ISBN 978-3-86893-215-7

Hedda Reindl-Kiel

The daily life of Silahdar Mustafa, éminence grise in the final years of Murad IV (1635–1640)

74 pages, paperback,
14,8 x 21,0 cm, 2016

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