Heft 45: Legitimacy in a Hegemonial System

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The Islamic and Arab worldʼs seeming inability to effective human rights promotion is often understood to be synonymous with an alleged inability to successfully integrate into the modern system of international politics. As such, explanations of deteriorating human rights standards in the Middle East, are often content with one-dimensional approaches to the matter. This study aims to conduce to a thorough investigation into the alleged resistance of Arab and Muslim majority states to effective human rights promotion. It introduces a comprehensive approach to a neglected body of sources in Arabic studies, international relations and history: regional human rights instruments and Arab human rights documents. Building on an interdisciplinary analysis of 5 core documents from 1981–2014, that draws from legal, Arabic and Islamic studies as well as political science, the thesis proposes a critical, neo-realist inspired international relations theory to determine what led to the emergence of the source material. It concludes that the hegemonial nature of the international human rights discourse coerced actors to adopt ineffective regional human rights instruments in the Arab world since the 1980s.

The Author

Robin F.C. Schmahl studied Middle Eastern studies, philosophy, political science and history in Munich and Cairo. He received his MA at LMU Munich in Islamic and Arabic studies in 2019. He has worked for the BAdW, the German-Orient Institute in Beirut, the German Embassy in Abu Dhabi (i.a.) and is a recurrent contributor for the Institute for a Greater Europe. Currently, he is an upcoming PhD candidate at FU Berlin and holds a research position at the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient focusing on the historicity of democracy in the Arab world.


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