Band 7: Modern Controversies in Quranic Studies

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This collection of articles emanates from the panel „Literarische und linguistische Ansätze der Koranexegese“ during the 29th Deutscher Orientalistentag at Halle/Saale on October 2, 2004. The editors are especially glad that this volume brings together a variety of different approaches in the modern research on Quranic studies from Denmark, Germany, France, Israel, the Maghreb and Nigeria. Especially in times of global intercultural challenges, it is precisely this kind of scholarly exchange that is long overdue in Modern Quranic studies. This collection of articles is a vivid proof of the continued enthusiasm of philologists and Islamic researchers active in the studies of quranic language and history.
Even today, scholars from all over the world still struggle for a sound understanding of Quranic phenomena such as self-referentiality, inter-textuality or poeticity. Against this background, each article of this volume represents an innovative analysis of highly controversial issues in contemporary Quranic debate.

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

I.     Introduction
Mohammed Nekroumi
The Modern Qurʾānic Debate: An Introduction

II.    Perspectives on the traditional philological Qurʾān-Analysis
Amidu Sanni
Laḥn in the Qurʾān and its Literatures: Issues and Meanings in
Textual Analysis and Recitational Discourse

Omar Hamdan
Zur Rolle frühislamischer Grammatiktheorien in der Entwicklung der koranischen Orthographie

III.    Modern linguistic and Semiotic theory applied to the Qurʾān Interpretation
Jean Butler
Keywords to Interpretation. Reading Satan in Islamic Scripture

Pierre Larcher
Négation et rectification en Arabe Coranique: La structure mā faʿala … wa-lākin...

Thomas Hoffmann
The Moving Qurʾān. A Cognitive Poetics Approach to Qurʾānic Language

Mohammed Nekroumi
Koraninterpretation im Kontext intentionalistischer Rechtstheorien.
Zu argumentativen und kommunikationstheoretischen Aspekten
göttlicher Offenbarung in Šāṭibīs (gest. 780/1388) maqāṣid-Theorie

IV.     Modern Perspectives in Qurʾānic Studies
Kathrin Eith
Yaşar Nuri Öztürk und die „Rückkehr zum Koran“ in der Türkei

Ali Souli
Muḥammad b. ʿAbd al-Wahhāb (1703-1792) et son exégèse des versets de l’unicité (al-tawḥīd)

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