Band 13: Mongolian Responses to Globalisation Processes

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This book explores processes of cosmopolitanization in Mongol societies induced by changing interdependencies and global constellations. With a focus on connectivity and interchange resulting from the mobility of knowledge cultures, the authors analyse dynamics of social practices and their emancipatory potentials across various political landscapes. Examples presented in the chapters comprise the Mongol cultural sphere from the 17th century to the present age. 

The Editors:

Ines Stolpe is Professor of Mongolian Studies at the University of Bonn. After graduating in Comparative Education and Mongolian Studies in Berlin and Ulaanbaatar, she obtained her PhD in Central Asian Studies from Humboldt University, Berlin, on the interdependencies of social and spatial mobility in contemporary Mongolia. Her research interests and areas of teaching include Mongolian language, cultural and political history and social change, politics of remembrance, civil society, educational philosophy, and post-socialist studies.
Judith Nordby completed a PhD on 20th century Mongolian history in 1988 at the University of Leeds. She was head of Mongolian Studies at Leeds from 1988 to 2012. She provided reports on the politics and economy of contemporary Mongolia for the Economist Intelligence Unit for several years and was a regular participant in the Mongol-British Round Table. Since she retired in 2012 she has continued her research into contemporary Mongolian affairs and acts as a consultant on matters Mongolian.
Ulrike Gonzales is a PhD candidate and lecturer at the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies at the University of Bonn. She received her M.A. in Central Asian Studies from Humboldt University, Berlin. Her current doctoral research focuses on specific civil society organisations in contemporary Mongolia. Her research interests include post-socialist studies, Mongolian social and political history of the 20th century, and historical travel accounts of Mongolia.

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