Band 48: The Transformation of the Palestinian Cause to a National Cause (qaḍīya waṭanīya) in 1921

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This micro study explores the transformation of the Palestinian question to a “national cause” (qaḍīya waṭanīya) in 1921 while it was advocated for the first time before the League of Nations. Based on Arab periodicals, such the Jaffan Filasṭīn, the Haifa-based Al-Karmil, the Damascene Alif-Bāʾ, as well as correspondence of the Arab Executive and the Muslim-Christian Association as the leading local national agents of at the time, it follows the construction of the Palestinian cause in the post-war context between imperialist aspirations and liberalization ideologies, and competing national narratives regarding the political future of the region. The study recalls the establishment of the Arab Executive and the Palestinian Wafd as “representative” (mumaṯṯila) of the Palestinians, analyses the key arguments and terminology applied by them as to legitimate their cause before the world, and finally, it also reveals dissent in the young Palestinian national movement about its set-up, leading positions and practical political strategies. Doing so, it illustrates an early turning point in the history of Palestinian nationalism before it adopted a boycott strategy towards the British Mandate.

The Author:

Dr. Evelin Dierauff studied Arabic, Islamic and Jewish Studies at the University of Halle-Wittenberg and the University of Birzeit (Palestine) and earned her PhD in Islamic Studies at the University of Tuebingen. She is the author of “Translating Late Ottoman Modernity in Palestine: Debates on the Ethno-Confessional Relations and Identity in the Arab Palestinian Newspaper Filasṭīn (1911–1914)” and has been a Research Associate at the University of Bochum in the DFG Program “Transottomanica: East European-Ottoman-Persian Mobility Dynamics”.


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